Securing a Teaching Job Paying Between $3000-$5000 USD After Taxes Per Month (A Must Read!)

Securing a Teaching Job Paying Between $3000-$5000 USD After Taxes Per Month (A Must Read!)

Teaching has been a noble profession for centuries. Now, you can also earn a great income while working for a noble cause.

The demand for English language teachers has surged to new peaks in the past few years, leaving many k-12 schools scrambling for great teachers. Most resort to native English speakers for the listening, speaking and literature elements. However, many schools have diverged from this decision to include professional teachers that can speak fluently in English but are not necessarily born in the few countries considered to be native English-speaking countries.

The shortage of teachers is felt all over the world including UK, US, Canada and many other countries. This shortage has given rise to a number of employment opportunities offered to teachers with less credentials or experience –a simple demand and supply formula. The UN expects that teacher demand will reach 69 million worldwide by 2030.

The average salaries range from $2,000 to $5,000 USD (net) per month for many teaching roles. For more experienced educators with education degrees and teaching licenses, it can get between $80,000-$120,000 a year including perks and benefits.

Middle Eastern International schools tend to pay great salaries for international educators followed by the international schools in Turkey and surrounding regions. International schools in northern Kazakhstan pay $6,000 USD net per month. Turkey has seen same kind of peaks despite the slow economy. Parents demand excellent education for their kids and a certain percentage can afford to cough up $20,000 to $40,000 in year school fees.

The key to getting interviews with these schools lies in the approach. When teachers sign up with recruitment companies like Prudential First Recruitment , they increase their chances of securing a teaching contract. Reputable educator recruitment companies have built great relationships with the top international schools and they refer qualified candidates to them who have been pre-screened, had their degree/certificate verified, and have criminal background checks completed. Schools prefer to work with recruitment agencies as they save a lot of time and money. Many of them do not have the adequate human resources to conduct such tasks and some schools are faced with language barriers and time zone differences.

Teachers can also try on their own by forwarding their resumes to interested schools. They should make sure that resume is short and no longer than 2 pages with enough details to spike interest in the recruiter for a follow up chat or interview. Candidates should list their work history from recent to oldest. Schools are more often interested in the past five years of teaching experience and mostly consider applicants with the past two years’ experience matching the grade level requirement for the school. A lot of teachers make the mistake of only listing their highest education degree achieved. Schools would like to review all degrees as it is major decision maker for them.

If you’re a school and require qualified educators for any curriculum, including IB, then please get in touch with our friendly consultant for an assessment of your needs.

We encourage educators from all fields to create and publish their profiles as we have automated search and select technology and when a job matching the applicants criteria opens up, we notify the candidate immediately for that position. We also recommend teachers to upload their introduction video which has been a huge success in getting a follow up interview. It lets the school evaluate on more ways than just a written resume.

Normally the hiring process takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the school, its location and work permit/visa requirements.

We at Prudential First Recruitment assist the schools and educators in all of their process until the final step. With our network spanning more than 25 countries, we can always help schools recruit qualified educators matching the job description within a short time.


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Author: Shan S. Haider
Shan S. Haider, Head of Recruitment and Consulting at Prudential First Recruitment, A.S

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