Great Creativity Apps That Every Teacher with an iPad Must Know

Great Creativity Tools That Every Teacher with an iPad Must Know

Today with the easy accessibility of technology, students can learn anywhere and everywhere. With technologies like an iPad, we know there are various iPad apps available that can support your students in their learning. Are you a teacher who wants to bring her student’s creativity to the next level?

Here's a list of great creativity apps that every teacher with an iPad must know.

Aurasma: Aurasma app is used to create AU (augmented reality) layers; Aurasma terms it "auras," when you scan objects using iPad.  By using the aurasma app one can get a lot of information about a particular aura. Aura could be anything like object, image or even a place. Using Aurasma, users can narrate poem or can share your experience. Not just this, Aurasma is a platform that enables organisations to create and publish their own AR.

Baiboard: Baiboard is a service that allows real-time interaction among users with its feature-rich tools. Users can visualize, collaborate and share multi-page whiteboard. Baiboard is also available on Mac, iPad and Android.

  • Collaborative, zoomable, multi-page Whiteboard with rich features and tools.
  • Collaborative annotation and e-signatures on PDF docs. Annotate, e-sign and seal.
  • Presentation/Screen sharing from iPad to browser for boardrooms and classrooms.
  • SSL connectivities, password protected, encrypted storage.
  • Snapshots, storing, retrieval and export to Web/Facebook/Twitter/Evernote.
  • Get your BaiBoard, sketch things up and host meetings, all for free.

Tellagami: Tellagami is best used to create animated movie which include users voice. Using Tellagami, users can:

  • Create a Scene
  • Add Dialogue
  • Save or Share

Tellagami is a fun and users can easily customize their characters. Take a look on the features available on Tellagami:

Character: Choose a character, choose a mood and place the character.

Background: Change the background and draw a doodle.

Message: Record your voice and add some dialogue.

Share: Preview and save and share your gami.

TouchCast: TouchCast is among the best content creation tool available for the teachers that helps them in flipped classroom. TouchCast is engaging tool that can be used by the teachers to give assignments to the students. Take a look on this PDF to know more about TouchCast.

Flowboard: Flowboard is a presentation software used to make creative and interactive presentation. Users can use images, videos and text all together to make a presentation. Some of its features include:

Presentation Templates: Users can start from scratch and can pick the templates according to the subject of the presentation. The design team of Flowboard constantly updates the template section. So that users can always get fresh and new templates.

Interactive Presentations: In order to make the presentation, users can add links add links, table of contents and navigation. Flowboard also provides changes on screen links that make the interactive presentation nonlinear.

Image and Galleries: On Flowboard, user can make a gallery with collection of images and captions that unveils into its own view.

Streaming Video and Embedded: Using Flowboard, you can now embed videos that always play, no matter where you are. Flowboard also has in-built You Tube search to help users to find streaming videos.

PDF Documents: Flowboard is the only presentation software that enables embedding of a PDF documents into a slide.

Social & Sharing: Flowboards makes your presentation easy to share, on Flowboard only takes a moment. Users each Flowboard presentation gets a unique URL that one can share with anyone.

Undo & Redo: On Flowboard, users can easily try out ideas without fear of losing your work. With Undo and Redo feature users can do creative experiment on Flowboard.

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